The history of the factory

In 1857, the French businessman François Théophile Feraldi is given the task of providing gas lighting in Athens. The City of Athens grants to the businessman the concession of coal gas production and distribution for 50 years. Since then, coal gas will illuminate the streets of Athens for almost 60 years.

In 1887, Giovanni Baptista Serpieri undertakes the management of the factory. A period of growth and development for the small Athens gasworks plant begins. Gasholders, steam boilers, steam engines, purification units and other buildings are constructed in the factory’s 7.5 acres area. This rapid expansion is associated with the extension of the use of coal gas as a form of energy in homes and factories.

In 1938 the gasworks revert to the City of Athens.

In 1952 the Athens Municipal Gasworks Company (DEFA) is established. After WWII coal gas loses ground against electricity and other forms of energy.

In 1984 the Athens Gasworks cease operations.

In 1986, the Ministry of Culture declares the gasworks a historic preserved monument and begins to commission studies for its protection and exploitation. 

In 1999 the first art exhibitions and events are held in the factory facilities. The Technopolis City of Athens becomes one of the most renowned culture hubs in Athens.

In 2013 the Industrial Gas Museum opens its doors to the public.

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