The Collection

The collection of the Industrial Gas Museum includes a significant number of relevant to the gas production devices, tools, machinery and equipment (gas meters, cookers, water heaters, lights etc.) as well as factory items and a plethora of audiovisual material.

Much of this material has been digitalized and will soon be available to the public through the digital collection of the Museum.

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Latest News

Guided Tours

Follow the gas production line, admire the unique machinery and learn more about the workers’ crucial role in the old Athens Gasworks as well as the life conditions in the...

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Black Treasure Hunt for Adults

The Black Treasure Hunt is back once again but somehow different. This year we meet the adult and exciting version of our little friends’ favorite educational program. Uncover the secrets of...

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In the Factory Yard

This autumn as well, since Sunday 10th September, our favorite visual games “In the Factory yard” is back in the Industrial Gas Museum.

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