Maria Daniil - Maria Mavroidi

Gasworks plants in Greece: From operation to reuse

Ten years after the gasworks factory construction in Athens (1862), local authorities in a few other cities in the wider Greek region followed its example, trying to set up similar factories to improve their citizens' living conditions.

Most of the factories built in bigger cities with significant economic and demographic growth were based on the same act, according to which the contractors had to undertake the construction of the factories at their own expense, enjoying duty-free access to raw materials, tools and machinery. An exclusive license was given to foreign companies that possessed the relevant know-how. These companies established gasworks plants in the industrial areas of the cities on land granted by the State.

This presentation attempts to record and evaluate the development of gasworks plants, established both for public lighting and domestic use and operated simultaneously under similar conditions with those in Athens, thus allowing us to compare them and draw conclusions. The first thing to examine is their present state of conservation as well as their current use. Furthermore, the paper will discuss the gasworks factories' contribution to shaping the landscape and socio-economic life of the cities (Athens, Corfu, Patras, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Volos, Hermoupolis and Mytilene).


Daniil Maria

Maria Daniil is an architect engineer who works systematically to manage newer cultural heritage, focusing mainly on protecting historic buildings.

An essential part of her work focuses on studying traditional and neoclassical architecture in the City of Athens. She received a Diploma of Specialization in the Interdepartmental Curriculum "Protection of Monuments" from the Department of Architecture of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NTUA, 2000). She also prepared a doctoral dissertation at the School of Architectural Engineering of the NTUA on "The work of the Architectural Service of the Municipality of Athens, 1835-1912".

From 1990, as an executive of the Department of Traditional Buildings and Monuments, until today, as Head of the Building Infrastructure Department of the City of Athens, she systematically has dealt with the history of architecture and morphology of the City.

As an active person in preserving cultural heritage, she is a member of the Board of Greek ICOMOS.

As a founding member of VIDA, she works on recording and rescuing Greece's industrial remains, especially in Athens.


Maria Mavroidi

Historian-industrial archaeologist Maria Mavroidi studied history at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). She pursued postgraduate studies in industrial archaeology at the Ironbridge Institute, University of Birmingham. She completed her doctoral dissertation at the School of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean (2010), entitled: “The Greek machine-making sector in 1920-1950 and the documentation of historic machinery”.

She is systematically involved in researching, recording and documenting Greek industrial heritage, rescuing and classifying industrial enterprises’ archives and saving oral history. She has participated in the scientific team of the Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis and the establishment of the Museum of Agriculture of the Agricultural University of Athens. At the same time, she has undertaken the scientific curation of exhibitions mainly on the history of technology and industrial heritage. In addition, she has published articles/announcements/contributions in collective volumes and has participated in writing scientific books.

She has taught seminars about industrial archaeology in collaboration with NKUA. She is the chairwoman of the board of the Hellenic Department of TICCIH (The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage).

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