Giuliana Carbone - Pietro Mencagli

All Roads lead to Rome: From a Unique Industrial Heritage to a Hub for Innovation Development.

The Anglo-Romana Corporation for gas lighting in the city of Rome chose the Ostiense neighborhood to build its headquarters in the early 1900s. This is how the "Officina del Gas di San Paolo" industrial complex was born. The headquarters was characterized by buildings and gasometers developed over the years following the needs of industrial and production processes. Some of the most significant industrial innovations of the era can still be seen today: machines, buildings, technologies, and infrastructures to produce gas from fossil fuel over the time. 

Looking at the future, Eni wants to promote the regeneration of this site by creating a perimeter of innovation (ROAD - Rome Advanced District) through an ecosystem of companies that cooperate to innovate the future of energy according to the principles of circular economy and energy transition goals. 

In this scenario, the gasometers are a landmark symbol for the entire city and identify a new industrial concept. Therefore, Eni's strategy is to incorporate the gasometers into the site regeneration process while strictly adhering to the site's evolution guiding principles and turning it into an innovation hub where new ideas can be transformed into real solutions for a sustainable future. 

Only by changing the way we look at things do the things we look at begin to change.


Giuliana Carbone 

Giuliana Carbone is leading an inclusive and international team responsible for ensuring project design and implementation in Italy and abroad, including project management activities, budget proposal portfolios, and the management and development of Eni’s real estate initiatives worldwide. Furthermore, she is an experienced Senior Mechanical Engineer with 15+ years of history in general services processes management and corporate governance. She has been deeply committed to Eni’s initiatives to support local communities as the Norcia’s “Basilica di San Benedetto” rebuilding sponsorship. Master’s Degree in General Management (SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan). 


Pietro Mencagli

Pietro Mencagli   got his MS in Architecture from the University of Rome La Sapienza. He earned an interdisciplinary PhD in Retraining and Recovery Heritage at the Department of Design, Building Technology, Landscape and Environmental Design (University of Rome La Sapienza). Specialising in building technology, materials, and constructive processes, he concluded his academic career with a post-doctoral degree at the Department of Architecture Design and Study (Rome III University). Furthermore, in 2023, he completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at LUISS business school. Moreover, he is the author of several articles on building technology and materials, urban and architectural regeneration, and recovery of existing heritage buildings and an invited speaker at respective conferences. After ten years as a Partner and Project Manager in an international firm focused on real estate, design, and technical consulting, he joined Eniservizi in 2019, running the Property Management Italy business unit since 2021. 

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