Piotr Gnidiuk

Learn about the history that is an integral part of Warsaw – Visit the Warsaw Gasworks Museum

The Warsaw Gasworks Museum is a place where history meets modernity. Here, we can learn about the history of not only the capital itself but also the events that influenced the fate of Poland in its entirety.

The Warsaw gasworks was built between 1886 and 1888. It was the largest gasworks in the Polish territories under the partition, consisting of many production and residential buildings of the characteristic, at that time, red brick.

Currently, the area of the former Warsaw gasworks covers about 20 hectares. Most buildings have offices, and the site is not open to the public.

A building accessible to everyone is the Warsaw Gasworks Museum, where we've got the largest gasοmeter in Europe.

In recent years, the facility has been renovated, modernized and equipped with technology that allows, among others, interactive familiarization with the production process of coal gas and related products.

The Warsaw Gas Museum has a varied and unique exhibition, the central part of which includes nineteenth-century devices related to producing gas from hard coal, called "light gas". Old plant machines, photos, documents, historic gas street lamps, and unusual gas-powered devices, including gas refrigerators, irons, curling irons and coffee grinders, are waiting for visitors.


Piotr Gnidiuk

Piotr Gnidiuk has a long managerial experience. Throughout his professional career, he has gained knowledge and skills in the marketing industry - organisation and project management. He is an

excellent conference and project organiser thanks to his interpersonal skills. In addition, he is an exceptional team player. He knows how to work with a large team to achieve the intended goals together. Since 2022-11 he has held the position of the Managing Director of the Warsaw Gas Museum, where, among others, he has been responsible for the comprehensive supervision of the museum's work and team.

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