Sunday "Athens for all"

“Sundays for kids” at your home!
Sunday, April 12
Athens for All

Awesome activities for families with kids from 4 years old are just a click away: art games, quizzes, theatre, tours and video games, all about Athens!


“Sundays for kids”, the beloved institution that dynamically came back this March, will be available for the audience, the families with kids between 4 and 11 years old, and fully accessible online with a series of exciting activities!

This Sunday the 12th of April, under the theme “Athens for all”, is dedicated to the city of Athens for two important reasons: the Industrial Gas Museum wishes to honour this way the anniversary of the International Day of Monuments and Sites which is celebrated every year on the 18th of April and also, commemorate the innovative educational program of the City of Athens Kids for the city which this year celebrates four years of activities and has highlighted the monuments and the landmarks of the city through the eyes of the young students of Athens.

Specifically, the 18th of April, has been established by UNESCO and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. This anniversary aims to raise awareness of the important issue of Cultural Heritage protection. To this end, many different events are being organised around the world in an attempt to inform a broad audience about the importance of each country’s monuments and their difficulties, as well as to promote the issue of their protection and inclusion in the contemporary social, cultural and economical happenings.

With many fantastic online activities and the help of the Museum’s people, parents and kids between 4 and 11 years old will explore in the most fun way their city, important monuments, their neighborhood and, of course, Technopolis that today is housed at the premises of an old gas factory that constitutes of a rare monument of industrial heritage.

It’s the perfect opportunity for young and old people to get to know Athens and its monuments, to discover the value of visiting, protecting and loving them!
See below the suggested online activities:

Painting Athens
Online creative activity for kids from 4 years old

Have you ever visited Acropolis, what is the colour of Parthenon? Have you ever wondered what is the colour of the chimneys at Gazi? What colours have been hiding in the National Garden?

Our little friends discover Athens through black & white photos, and while learning more about their city they are invited to either print or edit them and paint the places and monuments with colours!
*The drawings have been designed by the visual artist Gerasimos Avlamis

Click here to download the images.

The city outside your window
Online art workshop for kids from 6 years old

What do you see outside your window? How is your neighborhood?

Take a picture of the part of the neighborhood that is right outside your window or draw what you see and many more… Follow the instructions and cover a paper shoebox with drawings and collages depicting whatever you see outside your window!
*Content design: Georgia Lazarou. Graphic design: Alkistis Tsikou

Click here to download the workshop manual.

Bauhaus in house!
Online art workshop for kids from 8 years old

What was the Bauhaus School? How is it related with visual arts and architecture? Where could we find it in the city of Athens?

We design a fantastic city based on the principles of Bauhaus, we paint it, we cut it in pieces and then we unite all pieces to give a three-dimensional form! Would you like to live in a city like this?
*Content design: Georgia Lazarou. Graphic design: Alkistis Tsikou

Click here to download the workshop manual.

A city in the dark
Online theatre show for kids from 6 years old

Detective Fotis Mavridis takes action to illuminate another difficult mystery… since the city has no light!

Discover along with him the hidden secrets and solve the mystery. Can you stand the truth?

The show “A city in the dark” has been awarded in the dramatisation of children's books contest “Theatre in the Industrial Gas Museum” that has been held in 2015, where it acquired the original music and acting awards.
*“A city in the dark”:
Script: Christos Christopoulos
Direction: Katerina Dovolou
Performance: Sofia Nikolopoulou, Christos Christopoulos

*The show was available until Tuesday, April 14, 12:00

Quiz for adults and kids from 8 years old

Where is the Athens City Hall located? Where can we find the cell where Papadiamantis used to live? How do we call the emblematic cylindrical buildings of the old gas factory?

Young and old members of the family entertain themselves with the Athens-meter, a quiz that has been created by the team of the program: Kids for the city and will excite us all by “measuring” how well we know our city.

Tour around the most important landmarks and monuments of Athens and learn which is which!
*The drawings have been designed by the visual artist Gerasimos Avlamis. Photos are provided by the collection of Industrial Gas Museum, G. Machairas archive

Find the Athens-meter here.

A short walk at the Museum
Online tour at the Industrial Gas Museum for adults and kids from 9 years old.

What is gas?How is it produced?

A factory that used to cover the whole capital with light and energy, a rare industrial monument for the European standards opens its doors digitally and invites us to explore its history and operations, the gas production line, the old machinery that is still in place, the role of the employees and many more...

Click here to watch the guided tour.

Creative cards and Video Games
Since you’ve discovered all the secrets of the gas factory, it’s time to show what you’ve learned by playing creative cards and video games!

Inspired by the old gas factory, the machinery, the working conditions, the production line and the professions, the Museum offers an online series of creative games such as cards for drawing, word search puzzles, labyrinths and video games. Paint the factory, find the hidden words that jump out of the gas factory and light up the city!

Click here to play cards.
Click here to play video games.

*All activities will be available online on Sunday, April 12 at 11.00 at the official website of Industrial Gas Museum.

**The program “Athens for all” is realised in collaboration with the Association of the Czech community in Athens and part of the suggested activities will be also available in Czech.

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  • Ημερομηνία: Sunday, 12 April 2020
  • Για ηλικίες: 11
  • Ημερομηνία: 2020-04-12

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