Children’s Parties

Organise your parties at the Industrial Gas Museum! Depending on the children’s age and interests, choose one of the Museum’s educational programs and workshops and discover the history of the old gas plant through interaction and play. Let’s do something creative and have fun!

For parties, please call the Technopolis Café at 2103470981

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In the factory’s courtyard

Children’s favourite outdoor art games are organised in the factory’s courtyard.

Families with children 3+ years old enjoy creative activities, come into contact with art beyond the framework of an educational program and experiment with mixed techniques and new ways of expression. The thematic art workshops are organised on different Sundays during autumn, spring and summer. Participants, following visual artists’ instructions, create their own unique masterpiece step by step. An enjoyable artistic adventure in the Technopolis courtyard for young “artists” who wish to explore their talent!

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