About Us

The Industrial Gas Museum was founded in 2013 at the Technopolis City of Athens to highlight the historical value of the old gas plant that provided energy and lighting in Athens for almost 130 years.

The Industrial Gas Museum is a modern museum, open and accessible to all. It researches, collects, preserves, interprets and exhibits tangible and intangible evidence of the old gas plant, a rare European industrial monument.

Its collection includes significant machinery related to gas production, tools, appliances and equipment, items from the factory itself, and rich photographic material. In addition, new technologies, 3D projections, interactive applications, historical evidence, and unique audiovisual material enhance the museum experience.

Our vision is for industrial heritage to become a source of inspiration, creativity and active participation for all, establishing thus a platform promoting dialogue, social inclusion, inclusive education and respect for diversity.


Our mission is to understand, preserve and promote the old gas plant, educate and create public awareness on industrial history and contemporary cultural heritage issues.

In this context, the Museum organises educational programs for schools, families, individual visitors and particular audiences, social and artistic events, thematic and interactive tours, theatre competitions, periodic exhibitions, conferences and workshops, late-night shows and a series of original happenings for all, inspired by industrial heritage.

In the context of openness, the Museum’s museologists and educational team, thanks to the experience they have gained in organising and putting together exhibitions, educational programs and managing collections, undertake projects related to the broader context of cultural heritage.

Some of the most notable projects in recent years include:
  • The City of Athens educational program “Kids for the City”.

  • The management of Maria Callas’ collection and the creation of the Museum of Maria Callas.

  • The research and museological study for the Kypseli Municipal Market permanent exhibition.

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