Sensory route

Was the gas produced in the factory retorts cold or hot? If you touch a piece of coal, do your hands get dirty? What did the area around the factory smell like?

The Industrial Gas Museum has designed an original sensory route for families with children 3+ years old who want to experience the old gas plant through the magic of the senses! Look around, listen, smell, and feel an old factory!

Inside the old factory buildings, seven “points of interaction” have been placed in the form of yellow boxes. Following the sensory route, visitors can come into contact with this unique industrial monument through the senses: they hear the sound of shovelling coal and the shift bell calling the workers to get to work, touch the coke and feel the heat inside the retorts. They activate their sense of smell through the three characteristic odours that prevailed in the surrounding Gazi area almost 100 years ago and get to know the history and operation of the old gas plant in an experiential way.

The sensory route is part of the museum tour, turning knowledge into an exciting experience.

Designed for families with children 3+ years old

Museum admission fee: €2

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