Guided Tour

The Industrial Gas Museum is the best-preserved gas factory in Europe, a typical example of 19th and 20th century industrial architecture. Discover this rare industrial monument through a guided tour by our experienced personnel.

Follow the gas production line, admire the machinery and get to know the role of the workers at the old gas plant in Athens and the living conditions in the surrounding Gazi area. Furthermore, visiting the Museum is an experience for all the senses. Listen to the workers’ stories through the retorts, get in touch with the smells of the factory and touch the machinery that operated until recently, giving energy and light to the city.

The museum route and experience are enhanced with new technologies and 3D projections, combined with historical and audio evidence and unique audiovisual material.

Book a guided tour of the Museum by calling 2130109325
Duration: 50’
Cost: €4 for adults, €1 for children
Minimum number of participants: 5 persons per tour
*Guided tours in English are also available upon request.

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