Exploring the Museum with a backpack

The Industrial Gas Museum has designed an alternative route for families with children 4-11 years old, who wish, to explore, interact, play, and have a memorable experience in one of the most important industrial monuments of Athens!

Children and grownups receive the yellow backpack and wander around the old gas plant at their own pace. They become explorers and together they discover the Museum’s history and operation through maps, stickers, memory games, board games, painting cards, puzzles and other creative activities. The content of the interactive backpacks is either for families with children 4-6 years old or families with children 7-11 years old.

The backpack for younger ages focuses on obtaining information through the senses and interaction, following the Museum’s original sensory path and the yellow boxes. Children can touch the coke, feel the heat inside the retorts, hear the sound of shovelling coal and the shift bell calling the workers to get to work, and smell the three characteristic odours that prevailed in the surrounding Gazi area almost 100 years ago!

For older children, the interactive backpack focuses mainly on the hidden machinery and rare inventions inside the old gas plant. Through inventions map, children discover the most important ones in the factory, the inventors behind them, as well as the countries of origin of this unique machinery that gets us back to the era of the Industrial Revolution in Greece.

You can borrow the yellow backpack from the Shop or the Technopolis Outpost with your identity card and return it there after the end of the Museum exploration.

For families with children 4-6 and 7-11 years old.

Museum admission fee: €2
Backpack fee: €4

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