Museum educational suitcase “We travel with gas”

Monday – Friday
09.30 – 13.30 (upon request)
Program duration
60 minutes
Free Lending

What exactly does a lamplighter do? How do you imagine a day at the old factory? Where can gas leaks occur?

The Industrial Gas Museum “travels” to the schools of Attica and the regions! With the help of an educational suitcase, students and teachers discover inside the classroom the different stages of gas production, the workers’ job profile and the working conditions, the 19th-century machinery and the history of the neighbourhood around the factory through numerous educational games and archival material.

The suitcase includes printed instructions for teachers and students, the IGM catalogue, sensory interaction cubes, audiovisual material, memory games, creative interactive cards, constructions and many more.

Ask us how to use and borrow the museum suitcase, and our experienced museum educators will gladly assist you.

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